2019 Susan L. Moore Scholarship Recipient

2019 Susan L. Moore Scholarship Recipient

The CCCBCA Executive Committee has established the Susan L. Moore scholarship in the Fall of 2013. This is a $1000 scholarship. There are specific criteria for the recipient of the award.

First is they must have overcome some type of hardship. It could be fighting back from an injury. It could be a personal problem in their life. These are simply examples, not meant to be limiting.

Second, they need to have an outstanding work ethic. Someone who doesn’t need to be pushed to work hard.

Thirdly, they need to have a passion for the game. Someone who you can see the joy when they play.

Lastly, they must be a “team guy”


Ty Conrad - El camino College

Ty fits the description of all of the four characteristics listed above. He is extremely passionate and self motivated. He pushes others to be better by his example on the field, in the weight room and in the classroom. He not only works on becoming better as an athlete but also with the little things that mean so much to team culture. He sets up batting practice, emphasizes being ready and on time and is relentless in his efforts to get better. He does not take reps off and finds ways to get more work in after practice or before.

Ty’s road has not been easy. He was a member of the 2017 final four team and returned for his sophomore season. His family had to move hours away and Ty stayed here livng with his sister who was a graduating senior in high school. Not only did Ty have to hold himself accountable but also had many responsibilities to making sure his sister was taken care of. His attention to detail as a member of the baseball program never wavered. A month before the season Ty broke his hand. Initially it was misdiagnosed and he tried to play through the pain. After a re-evaluation a hamate bone break was discovered and he had to red-shirt his sophomore year. He decided to come back for a 3rd season again living on his own. Half way through the semester a teammate needed a place to stay and Ty took him in. A tragic car accident took the life of his roommate. Ty not only was strong throughout this process but was there to comfort Sladen’s mom and family through this tough time. He was selfless in his time and still maintained his high standard as a teammate and student.